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AWAVO is a young and energetic brand, It was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2018. since 2019 has more than doubled its sales revenue in the past few years.

The company combines its main goals: to make a universal pen that can be used on a variety of tablets and smartphones, and to provide excellent customer service at a reasonable price. The CEO and founder of AWAVO announced that "our goal is to focus on customer needs."

Growing demand over the years has enabled the company to expand rapidly overseas. In January 2018, AWAVO officially began shipping products to the United States and European countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France. For the first time, AWAVO recorded $ 6 million in sales revenue in 2018.

A spokesperson said that the key to AWAVO's philosophy is to pursue a vision of "creating products as high quality as customer service". Penetrating the multinational market is a step in the right direction, followed closely by future products with higher quality and higher technology.