A Gread Stylus will Give You More Surprises

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May 12, 2020
A Gread Stylus will Give You More Surprises

Users can select a file or draw by clicking on the screen with the stylus, and it offers special features such as shortcut buttons, electronic eraser, and pressure sensitivity.

The capacitive pen can effectively prevent the scratching of the mobile phone screen. Secondly, the sensitivity of the pen is relatively high, practical and good. The capacitive pen can be used in a wide range, not only for mobile phones, but also for computers.

Our pen has a wide range of compatibility, with a super fine elastic copper tip, to give you a comfortable writing experience. Fast charging and long standby time make it more convenient for you to use.

Palmrejection technology - It prevents any accidental touch recognition as you write and provides a comfortable feeling at design time.

It allows you to write notes, draw pictures, or try to browse the website, and it's very accurate. Plus, when you use it, the pen doesn't scratch across the screen. They works exactly as described. a great value if you are looking for a pen that will allow your creativity to flow freely!


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